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Welcome to Short Virtual Art Adventures

Summer of Love Journey  Etherial Contemporary Adventure

  Combining beautiful people and things, deep diving into the abstractness of reality.

Enjoy the Shows!

OZ Lips 

A Journey To Happiness
When Dorothy sets out there's

no telling where she'll end up

or who she will be?!?

But in those shoes she can get

in anywhere and with those lips

she can create any reality...

Awakening of Alice

Trans Dimensional Adventures

Zipping through her many

personas Asking Who Am I?? 

More is revealed sipping Magic

Tea at Glad Hatter's Party, 

she learns her Dreams of 

Wonderland are indeed Reality.

The Immortality

of the Power WithIn

Meditation can take you from

where you are now to Infinite

space within your self as a 

visionary creator consciously

awareness of who you are ...

King of Hearts Steps Out
Join the King as he's struck by

enlightenment and steps off his

canvas into his new infinity...

Love Heals All  Take 5 

Relaxing Conscious Meditation 

Fashionistas Take 2 
Passion for Fashion 

Virtual Art Exhibition 2 Minutes  LOVE IS ALL AROUND

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