Girl Kisses Boy ~ SS Love 48x36"
Exploring Duality ~ SS Love 36x48_
Bouncing Light Fantastic ~ SS Love 40x30
Beethoven JamZ ~ SS Love 48x36_
Bicyclette SS Love 48x36_
Bag of Clowns ~ SS Love 48x36_
8th Dimension ~ SS Love 36x48_
Cosmic Butterfly SS Love 30x40_
Purple Flower ~ SS Love 48x48_
Luminous You ~ SS Love 30x40_
Hot Summer's Night SS Love 48x36_
Merlin's Spell ~ SS Love 60x48_
Laughing Buddha ~ SS Love 48x36_
Pink Flame ~ SS Love 36x48_
Love's Tonic ~ SS Love 36x48_
Pink Unicorns ~ SS Love 48x36_
Quantum Sun Dance ~ SS Love 48x36_
Seeing Shooting Stars SS Love 46x48_
Riding The Wave SS Love 48x24_
Xs and Os ~ SS Love 48x36_
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