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Digital Art  

Our digital creations frolic with color, fun, fashion, and the wisdom of the ages as we play in the gardens of pop art to quantum realities & Love ... when experienced in a 3D setting, they create mind bending shifts in dimensional reality while expanding our perception of what is "real".

Created using images found online and those of our own making, we blend the etheric, asthetic, and funky into explorations of our consciously expanding universe of quantum sensory experiences.

MultipleDimensions MultipleRealities.gif
Quantum Black & White 2 4.gif
Sher Love Digital Art  

Sher is contantly exploring fun, hip fashion, shoes shoes shoes and more shoes, plus a combination of the wiggy and her deeply personal love affair with creating and living life as she wishes while showering us with joy, peace, love and happiness.

Sterling Love Digital ART

Vortex Eye.gif

What's Inside:

Visions into the depths of reality,

did they tell you 

"You are

the Creator"?

The King of Hearts steps out into infinitum

 as Waves of Cash roll endlessly in. 

Universes to create, the Map is here,

Your Power is now, discover it within.

Contact Us! Custom Fine Art prints to enhance your home or office.
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